Favour result over fantasy

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The tech world is filled with fashion. There's a continual onslaught of flavour-of-the-month tech that adds nebulous value in a particular context being picked up with glee by the community at large.

We're not interested. We're here to solve a business problem not to add faff.

It's fun to work in an industry that's pushing hard to find the next best thing - we even carve out our own time to keep up-to-date. But it doesn't make for a productive crew. It adds risk to projects, makes support difficult, and makes estimation borderline impossible.

It's vanishingly rare that you're running into the same business problems that Amazon or Google do, so why copy them? The hardest part of most software isn't in the code itself - it's in effectively modelling a complex business.

As an example, one of our clients is in relocation. They've got a large custom CMS tool that models everything in the moving business from booking surveys, to managing the move itself, and even to the accounting afterwards. This piece of software is incredibly complex.

There are thousands of rules and exceptions to rules that have arisen as the result of decades of legislation. We're not building a ray-tracer here, so the complexity isn't centred around the technology itself. Unless we make decisions that result in that.

That's why our main focus is on results rather than fantasy. Every piece of software we build is custom, it's artisanal, but it doesn't have to be novel. We've got the experience to know why Facebook needed GraphQL or why Amazon is a service oriented architecture. That's why we know when to not apply these tools.

Let's make the decisions that deliver value today, tomorrow and all the way into next month before we worry about how we're going to handle user 11,111,111. That's how we can help you to delight your customers and to laugh all the way to the bank.

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