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About Us

Who we are

We're an engineer led and driven software consultancy. We focus on direct engagement with your business to produce first-in-class software solutions for relevant problems. We don't believe in middle-men or selling a solution for a problem you don't have.

We focus on solving your problem in the most functional and cost effective way we can.

Screenshot of the RMR client dashboard running in demo mode.

How we work

We're completely engineer led. That means that you don't play telephone with a sales person, a BA and a project manager when trying to get the developer to figure out what you want. We speak directly, check in regularly and launch a demo site you can access as soon as we start working together.

We prefer simple solutions to complex problems. Our team has worked on problems ranging from recommendations systems at major online retailers through to high frequency trading platforms for major investment banks, and know that 99% of businesses don't need over-engineering: they need to hit market quickly with something that's reliable, stable and fast.

Our Services

We own projects across the entire stack from building out the core backend engine of your business through to the static site that helps you be seen in the digital marketplace. Some examples of our work include:

Screenshot of the RMR client dashboard running in demo mode.

RMR - Custom CRM Software

RMR approached us to help them update a legacy bespoke CRM system. Through decoupling the existing system into a layered architecture, we've helped RMR improve security and recovery times from both natural disasters and technical failures. This approach has also given us the foundation to quickly and securely develop new features and reports for both their internal systems and their clients.

Member Magic static payments page for Limitless 247 gym.

Member Magic - Easy Small Business Payments

After a client approached us about having an easy way to accept payments at his gym, we realised that the existing payment platforms weren't right for them. We partnered with our client to build out a full payments platform that handled everything they needed and not a shred more. Member Magic allowed their gym to switch to a 24/7 model, quadrupling their memberships! We're expecting a general availabilty launch in Q2 2020.

Prototype landing page for In Retrospect.

In Retrospect - Social Retrospectives

We care deeply about retrospectives and found existing tools a little lacking. As a result, we've built out our own retrospective tool for individual and team retrospectives. We're still trialing this one out internally but expect a launch notice this summer.

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